Defence Security

Actarvs' MDR Service

Our goal is to protect your business from cyber threats, ensuring the maximum security of your sensitive data and your online operations. With years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, we offer advanced and customized solutions to address the most complex challenges.

About Us

ACTARVS is a company that offers consulting services on information security, study and implementation of proprietary software that aim to create high standards of information security and “DATA”.


We offer monitoring solutions tailored to the specific needs of your company. We use cutting-edge technologies, such as XDR, and a proactive approach to identify and respond to threats in real time, ensuring the continued security of your systems. 


We offer monitoring solutions tailored to the specific needs of your 


What is Presydio?

Presydio is a service that actarvs offers for monitoring based on Security Onion. It is a complete suite developed to support the security teams of large and small businesses, which includes everything that every analyst or operator in defense of a system must detect or neutralize in a single dashboard. 

Being a complete suite, it includes:

Incident Response

It provides responses to perform countermeasures to address active threats, such as blocking access to a system from the source of the threat when certain principles are met.

Intrusion Detection

Agent’s network scans monitored systems for malware, rootkits, and suspicious anomalies. They can detect hidden files, hidden processes or unregistered network listeners, inconsistencies in system call responses.

File Integry Monitoring

Monitor the file system by identifying changes to the contents, permissions, properties, and attributes of the files you need to keep an eye on.

Configuration Assessment

It monitors system and application configuration settings to ensure that security policies are followed. Agents configured with our rules perform periodic scans to detect vulnerabilities.

Log Data Analysis

PRESYDIO's agents read operating system logs and securely forward them to the central manager for analysis and storage. Signatures make you aware of any  malicious activity


It provides some of the safety controls required to comply with industry standards and regulations. These features, help organizations meet technical compliance requirements.

Security Analytics

Thanks to the agent we provide and the information it detects, we provide a report that can detect the possible presence of threats and system anomalies, while providing solutions.

Vulnerability Detection

The agent we provide is used to collect, index, and analyze security data to help organizations detect intrusions, threats, and behavioral abnormalities.