Offensive Security

Our Services

Vulnerability Assesment Test

Through large-scale attack simulations, we help you assess your system’s resistance to cyber threats, allowing you to strengthen your defenses.

Penetration Test

Our team conducts detailed and realistic penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your system, to correct them and fill system gaps.

Web Application Penetration test

The test is performed to identify and quantify web application vulnerabilities by verifying the validness of application security controls.

Code Security Rewiev

The revision of a source code through the static and dynamic analysis of a source code allows to identify potential vulnerabilities within a software.

Actarvs' Red Team Service

Red Teaming is an advanced cybersecurity strategy that simulates cyber attacks by real-world attackers. This approach goes beyond traditional penetration testing, as it involves a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s digital defenses, not only from a technical perspective, but also from a human perspective. Our goal is to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in the system before real attackers take advantage of them. 

All tests performed by our team are carried out according to the TIBER EU directive.

How our Red Team works

Custom Attack Simulations

To test the vulnerability of your system, our Red Team uses advanced approaches to simulate attacks targeted at your specific needs and infrastructure.

In-Depth Vulnerability Analysis

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your digital defenses, identifying weaknesses and suggesting concrete solutions to improve your security.

Training and Consulting:

We offer specialized training and personalized advice to ensure your team is properly prepared to handle cyber threats in real time.

Detailed Report

We provide a detailed report highlighting the identified vulnerabilities, along with specific recommendations to improve the security of your system.

How the tests are performed

White Box

The pen-tester is provided with access to the source code, configuration of the network architecture, and a domain account that is agreed in the engagement process.

Grey Box

A grey-box test is performed at a level of partial knowledge of the user’s network, and is a mix between the white box and black box test.

Black Box

The black box test determines the vulnerabilities of systems that are exploitable from the outside, it simulates exactly what an attacker would do. The black box operator has no information about the infrastructure.

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